You Won’t Find Amber Heard Nude Here

You Won’t Find Amber Heard Nude Here

I’m sure you’ve heard of Amber Heard, if you’re here, but have you seen her nude? While you might find a nude Amber Seen, you won’t find Amber Heard nude here, nor will you be able to sniff an Amber Smelled. Okay, enough of the bad plays on her name, but I hope it’s very clear that you won’t find Amber Heard naked here. That doesn’t mean you can’t see her at all, though.

For all you guys who like a pretty face more than just a nude body, here are some pics to brighten your day.

She’s gorgeous, isn’t she? Granted, those pics are from about 5 years ago at the latest, but nothing much has changed about her since then, apart from her recent marriage and rocky divorce from Johnny Depp.

But you still want to see her bare more flesh, don’t you? You can’t go without seeing her show it all, can you? Well, you’re in luck.

See Amber Heard Nude in a Few Films

Amber Heard C Magazine shootYes, Amber Heard has shown a lot of skin throughout the last several years, mostly starting with 2006’s Alpha Dog, alongside the equally beautiful Amanda Seyfried. Her profile on Mr. Skin even has her at a 5-star nudity rating, which means “Hall of Fame Nudity!” She’s revealed just about every inch of her in The Informers (which I personally don’t even recommend for hardcore Bret Easton Ellis fans, apart from maybe her scenes), and The Rum Diary, in which she costarred with future ex-husband J-Depp.

However, you can’t see anything too explicit with her, though there are other ways to see Amber Heard nude in higher degrees if you look hard enough.

“What Do You Mean I Can See Amber Heard Nude in ‘Higher Degrees?'”

Many artists across the internet have taken it upon themselves to create fake nude images of actresses like Amber Heard and many others. What they do is take the nude bodies of adult film stars or even amateur porn actresses and superimpose the mainstream actress’s head over them, giving you the illusion that the latter is actually engaged in sex for all to see.

Websites like have large collections of these images, and while some are very convincing and may actually trick your brain into thinking that you’re actually seeing Amber Heard orgasming, you have to keep in mind that the reality behind her expression is likely much more innocuous.

“Why the Fuck Does This Website Exist?”

If you’re reading this far, you’re probably both confused and frustrated, which I can understand. I’ll be frank with you. This website exists solely to let people know that they won’t find any actress nude here, including Amber Heard or any other beautiful face floating around in the film or TV world. However, feel free to browse and see other actresses who aren’t nude here. You might just find yourself more turned on by expressive faces than mere flesh, but I can’t guarantee anything.


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